Animal Admissions

The Humane Society of Weld County is an open-admissions shelter. This means we accept every animal, no matter the circumstance or condition. And then, we work our magic to help rehabilitate and find homes for every safe and healthy animal. 

We work with many animal control departments so if you've lost a pet in Weld County, we likely can help! Please check out the lost animals and keep checking back. 

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Found Pets

Owner Surrenders


Found a lost pet?

First, you are in the right place! Contact us at (970) 506-9550 to file a Found Report. You can bring the animal to us or contact Animal Control if you can't make it out to us. 

Next, scan for a microchip! The Humane Society of Weld County and most veterinary clinics have microchip scanners available.

Post and look through community websites. Post signs nearby and on our Lost & Found board in the shelter lobby.

The best chance for the lost pet to find it's home again is to bring to our shelter. We will try to reconnect the animal with the family for 5 days. Once the stray hold is up, the animal will enter our adoption program. If you are interested in adopting, let the front office know and as the finder - you will get priority. AND the animal will have a full vaccinations, spay/neuter surgery, and a microchip. 


Greeley Animal Control

(970) 350-9600

Evans Animal Control

(970) 339-2441

Weld County Animal Control

(970) 356-4015 ext. 2849

Eaton Animal Control

(970) 454-2212

Fort Lupton Animal Control

 (303) 857-4011 ext. 131

Grover Animal Control

(970) 895-2213

Gilcrest Animal Control

(970) 737-2426

Hudson Animal Control

(303) 536-9311

Johnstown Animal Control

(970) 587-5555

Kersey Animal Control

(970) 353-1681

Keenesburg Animal Control

(303) 732-4281

LaSalle Animal Control

(970) 284-6931

Mead Animal Control

(970) 535-4477

Milliken Animal Control

(970) 587-2772

Nunn Animal Control

(970) 897-2385

Pierce Animal Control

(970) 834-2851

Platteville Animal Control

(970) 356-1212

Windsor Animal Control

(970) 686-7433


Owner Surrenders

We understand that sometimes there are circumstances beyond control that surrendering your pet is the only option. However, we would love to help you work through issues that are solvable. Please check out our resources section.

If you must surrender your pet, we accept all animals. We are limited on space and DO NOT euthanize for time or space. So with each surrender, we must find a place for the animal to stay. That's why we schedule in advance when possible! Please give us a call at (970) 506-9550.

If there's no time to schedule, we do accept surrenders during our opening hours. Please schedule when possible! It  helps us and your animal!