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Adoption Process

Thank you for considering adopting a shelter animal.

Welcome to the Humane Society of Weld County!   With lots of lovable and adoptable animals, we appreciate you have choices of where to find your lifelong companion and want to ensure our adoption process meets your expectations.

​When you visit the HSWC seeking a pet to adopt, we first ask that you complete an Adoption Profile. Once you choose an animal, our kennel technicians will meet with you and the pet you have selected in one of our Get Acquainted Areas for some social time and interaction. These areas provide a quiet and private space to get to know each other better. During the visit, the kennel technician may discuss any past experiences you or a family member has had with animals, current animals you have in your home, your lifestyle with regard to work schedules and the kinds of activities you enjoy and your housing situation (rent, own, the size of your yard, etc.).  The adoption of a companion animal is a commitment for life and we want to make sure the match is perfect!

Once you’ve found your ideal pet, our customer service representatives will go over the animal’s history while at the shelter, including medical information.  You will be asked to review and sign a contract outlining the responsibilities of pet ownership and will be given copies of paperwork you’ve signed.  Adopting from an animal shelter has many benefits.  Included in the adoption fee is the following:


  • Spay or neuter surgery for cats, dogs, and rabbits;

  • Medical examination for general good health;

  • Preliminary vaccinations, deworming, and a rabies vaccination when age appropriate;

  • Microchip identification implant and registration for cats and dogs;

  • Post adoption medical exam from a participating veterinarian or through the HSWC Wellness Clinic;

  • Free pet health insurance for 30 days.


Need more time to decide if a pet is a good fit for you?  No problem!  Interested adopters may place an animal on hold for 24 hours for $50.00.  This fee does go towards the adoption price but is non-refundable.  Holds can be made in person or over the phone.  In case of a “tie”, the patron physically visiting the shelter and the animal will be given priority.  Payment may be made with cash or credit cards.  Checks are not accepted. We DO NOT allow choice holds to be placed on animals 6 months old and younger.


Our adoption fees help to offset the cost of evaluation, housing, feeding and medical care for over 4,000 animals that enter the HSWC each year.  We do our very best to keep our adoption prices reasonable while generating income to support our goal of providing quality care to the animals while in our care and bringing pets and people together in our community.


While all animals are valuable, there are pets that are in high demand and quickly find their forever home.  Beginning in 2019, the HSWC will implement variable pricing for puppies, kittens and purebred animals.  What this means is that the adoption fee for each animal will vary, dependent on many factors including age, size, behavior, medical condition and public demand.  For animals whose length of stay tends to be longer, the variable pricing will allow us to reduce the adoption fees for these pets as well as provide the necessary medical or behavioral assistance to enhance their adoptability.


Please be aware that regardless of where our adoption fees are set, they do not cover all of the costs the Humane Society of Weld County incurs to provide services to our community’s pets.  We sincerely appreciate all of the financial and in-kind donations provided by our generous community to help us with our life-saving mission.  Your support means a lot to the HSWC and the animals we serve.


Adoption Fees:

​Dog adoption fees range from $100.00 to $800.00

Cat adoption fees range from $75.00 to $200.00

Small Mammal adoption fees range from $25.00 to $50.00


10% discount for Senior Citizens over the age of 60.

15% discount for military service personnel.


Adoption Guidelines:

We strive to place only healthy animals who have good dispositions.

We require spaying/neutering of all pets in accordance with State law.

We require the proper facilities to maintain and contain the pet before placement.

We require that all pets receive proper veterinary care (annual exam, vaccinations and rabies).

We do not permit the adoption of an animal for someone else.

We do not permit the adoption of an animal by anyone under 21 years old.

We do not place dogs to be used solely as guard, fighting or hunting dogs.

We do not release any animal for research or experimental purposes.

We require proper identification be kept on all pets in the form of collars, tags, and/or microchips.

Our exchange policy is as follows:
The adopter is entitled to an exchange for another pet within 30 days from the date of adoption.
The adopter is allowed 60 days to choose another pet.
If a pet of lesser cost is chosen, we will consider the excess money a donation, as we do not issue refunds.
If a pet is more expensive, the difference will be paid by the patron.

Depending on circumstances, exchanges may be limited.