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Thank you for donating supplies to the animals of Weld!

We care for 4,000 animals each year -- That takes some serious supplies! We accept donations in-kind at our adoption center at 1620 42nd Street, Evans CO. There's a bin for drop off right as you enter, or you can speak with the front office.


If you have questions about in-kind donations, please email


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Amazon Wishlist

If you would like to donate items, please consider using Amazon! This guarantees that we are receiving exactly what we need.

Items we accept

Please donate off this list! If you have questions, email

  • (wet and dry) Dog food - Preferably Science Diet

  • (wet and dry) Puppy food - Preferably Science Diet

  • (wet and dry) Cat food -Preferably Science Diet

  • (wet and dry) Kitten food -Preferably Science Diet

  • Dog & Cat toys (washable)

  • Stuffed animals (without plastic eyes, noses, etc.)

  • Blankets, towels, pet beds – all bedding must be able to be laundered in a standard size washer/dryer

  • Ice cube trays

  • Empty egg cartons

  • Cracker/cereal boxes

  • Paper grocery bags

  • Canned green beans (low/no salt)

  • Canned pumpkin


  • Hot dogs

  • Cream cheese

  • String cheese

  • Cottage cheese

We do not accept cat trees, opened bags of food, or comforters. The rule of thumb is if it can be cleaned in a washing machine, we will likely accept. Email for any questions. 

Are you running a donation drive? Call the Humane Society of Weld County to schedule a drop-off time.

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