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Foster Program

Fostering Saves Lives

Fostering is one of the most impactful things you can do for animal welfare! Our wonderful fosters help over 800 animals each year. 

Supplies:  We provide all the supplies you need for your foster animal - food, bedding, medical, etc. Foster parents are responsible for picking up supplies and driving to medical appointments.

Commitment:  Fostering time varies. Some fosters only need a home for a few weeks while others may need months to recover from a medical issue.


Matching: There are a few different ways that this can be done. You can either choose your foster or contact the staff to help match you. Check out the Humane Society of Weld County Trello Board and email if you find an animal that you are interested in fostering! Once your application has been approved, you will be added to the HSWC foster email list and will receive regular email foster pleas and updates. You can respond to any of these emails and we will help you with the next steps. Or, you can email us and tell us you would like to be matched with a new foster.

View our Foster Program Agreement for more information.

Fostering FAQs

What is a foster home? 

A foster home is a temporary home in which a member of the public acts as an extension of the shelter by housing and caring for an animal in need. This extension and partnership with the public aids in lifesaving efforts by opening up kennel space at our facility that can be used to help other homeless animals within our community. 


Why should you foster?

Fostering saves lives! The HSWC helps over 4,000 animals a year find their forever homes and this can only be done with the help of our fosters.

Can I foster if I rent?

Yes! As long as your lease permits you to have an animal in your home, we are happy to match you with a new foster.

What qualifications do you need to be a foster?

  • Be at least 18 years old

  • Be approved to have a foster pet where you are living

  • Pass a home inspection performed by an HSWC representative

  • All resident animals must be completely vaccinated and spayed/neutered

  • Have access to reliable transportation to bring your foster to the HSWC shelter as needed

  • All residents in the home must consent to foster

  • Provide a safe and caring environment for your foster animal


What kind of animals need a foster home?

Our program prioritizes helping animals that may need some additional support in order to find their forever home. This includes puppies and kittens that are too young for adoption, animals that are receiving medical treatment or recovering from an illness or injury, animals that require additional behavioral support or modification, and animals that are deteriorating in the shelter due to stress. You can see all animals currently being plead for foster on the HSWC Trello Board


Is fostering helpful or harmful? 

Research has been done showing that breaks from the shelter, even 2-day sleepovers, significantly reduce levels of cortisol (a stress hormone) found in dogs. This decompression period even makes returning to the shelter a less stressful experience. Being in a foster home allows animals to put their best paw forward and show potential adopters just how awesome they truly are! 


What are some of the benefits of fostering? 

  • Experience having an animal companion without the lifetime commitment of owning a pet

  • Learn more about caring for animals that may have different needs and become a more experienced pet owner.

  • Provide your resident pet with socialization and a temporary companion

  • Above all, you get the joy of knowing that you have changed the life of an animal in need!


How do I sign up to foster? 

Complete the foster application that can be found on the HSWC website ! Once your application has been reviewed, someone will be in touch shortly to schedule a virtual home inspection and help you get started as an HSWC Foster!

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