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Foster Program

Give animals a second chance to find a home


Why do animals need foster?

Fostering is one of the most impactful things you can do for animal welfare. The Humane Society of Weld County is dedicated to placing every healthy and safe animal, which means we do not euthanize for space. As animals come in, we need fosters to keep up with our intakes.


They are too young for adoption

We take in many puppies and even more kittens that are not at the right age for adoption. Our fosters take in singletons, entire litters and litters with the mother until the babies are ready for adoption.


They need a break from the shelter

Some animals spend months waiting for their new homes. While we do everything we can to keep the shelter life entertaining and relaxing, sometimes our adoptable friends need a break. Foster homes provide a chance to let loose and get away for a bit.

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They need to recover from a medical issue

We have a veterinarian team who helps any animal humanely possible. Sometimes we receive animals who need time to recover from medical issues. From animal cruelty cases to a simple surgeries, a foster home is a great place to recover.


They are in a behavior program

We believe each animal deserves a chance and some training or socialization is no reason to take that chance away. Our behavior fosters work with our behavior team to help rehabilitate and train animals.


Application Process

Fill out a foster application

Complete the foster application here

Submit your responses to the New Foster Questionnaire Form

Once your application has been submitted, you will be sent an email with a link to the New Foster Questionnaire Form.

Complete a "Virtual Home Inspection" and start fostering!

Once your New Foster Questionnaire form has been reviewed, we will email you to schedule a time to complete the Virtual Home Inspection that will be completed via zoom. This is also your opportunity to ask any questions that you may have about the Foster Program!



What does Weld County Humane pay for?

We cover the cost of any medical, food, and supplies. We have supplies at the shelter you can request - such as beds, puppy pads, toys and baby gates. 

You should not have any financial commitments to your foster unless you want to purchase something yourself.

Can I foster if I'm a renter?

Yes! We will need to see your lease to make sure that you can have pets. But you are free to foster if your lease allows.

What should I expect from orientation?

Orientation will last around one hour at our facility. Please wear comfy clothes and closed toed shoes. When you arrive, just tell the front office that you are there for foster orie

Can I foster with my family?

Yes! We love family fosters. Fostering helps teach kids compassion and responsibility. We ask that the kids also attend foster training as well.


Any More Questions?

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