Found a Pet

I found a pet. What should I do?

  Contact us at (970) 506-9550 to file a Found Report

 Contact Animal Control if you do not plan to hold onto the pet during the owner location process.

 Have the pet scanned for a microchip. The Humane Society of Weld County and most veterinary clinics have microchip scanners available.

 Place an ad in the Greeley Tribune. Lost & Found ads are free for one week. Don't forget to check the Daily Lost Ads for possible matches.

 Post and scan through community websites such as

 Post signs nearby and on our Lost & Found board in the shelter lobby.

 Please remember if you plan to hold the animal during the owner location process, after 72 hours of caring for an animal, in accordance with most city ordinances, by law it becomes your legal responsibility.

The Humane Society of Weld County does not dispatch for animal control. 
If you see a pet running loose, please contact the following:

Animal Control Phone Numbers:

Greeley Animal Control

(970) 350-9600

Evans Animal Control

(970) 339-2441

Weld County Animal Control

(970) 356-4015 ext. 2849

Eaton Animal Control

(970) 454-2212

Fort Lupton Animal Control

 (303) 857-4011 ext. 131

Grover Animal Control

(970) 895-2213

Gilcrest Animal Control

(970) 737-2426

Hudson Animal Control

(303) 536-9311

Johnstown Animal Control

(970) 587-5555

Kersey Animal Control

(970) 353-1681

Keenesburg Animal Control

(303) 732-4281

LaSalle Animal Control

(970) 284-6931

Mead Animal Control

(970) 535-4477

Milliken Animal Control

(970) 587-2772

Nunn Animal Control

(970) 897-2385

Pierce Animal Control

(970) 834-2851

Platteville Animal Control

(970) 356-1212

Windsor Animal Control

(970) 686-7433

Main: (970) 506-9550

FAX: (970) 506-9132

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