Lost Pets

What should you do?

Visit the Humane Society of Weld County to fill out a lost report and walk through our facility to see if your pet is already here. Bring your photo ID, a picture of your pet and proof of ownership (veterinary records, rabies certificate, or a city license). 

Hopefully, we can reunite you quickly. We do charge a redemption fees apply when reclaiming your pet to cover basic cost of care. This does increase by day. If your pet is tagged or microchipped, the cost is $35. If your pet is not tagged or microchipped, the cost is $50. Each additional night is $25. (If you cannot pay the fees, please still contact us.)

We hold every stray for 5 days until the animal enters our adoption program. We cannot identify your pet over the phone.


Lost Animals

Please check below for your lost pet. Note: We name each animal as they arrive so please look at pictures! If you see your missing family member, call us and come in to reclaim.


Next steps

If the Humane Society of Weld County does not have your missing pet...

  • Don't lose hope!

  • If your animal is microchipped, contact your microchip company to report your animal missing and update your contact information.

  •  Post fliers in your area (our lost and found board, local convenience stores, veterinary clinics, post offices).

  • Post an ad in the Greeley Tribune: Lost & Found ads are free for one week. 

  •  Check with your local law enforcement to verify where a found pet is taken in your area. 

  •  Check with other shelters along the Front Range:

    • Larimer Humane Society: (970) 226-3647

    • Longmont Humane Society: (303) 772-1232

    • Adam's County Animal Shelter: (303) 288-4290