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Lost & Found

If you’ve lost a pet...

Please come to the shelter anytime during our open hours to complete a Lost Report.  We are unable to identify lost animals over the phone.  If your animal is in our care, we do require proof of ownership (photos, veterinary records, grooming records, microchip information) to complete the reunification process.  Please also bring your own form of identification with you.


Stray animals arrive at our shelter throughout the day from various animal control entities and the public.  Stray animals are taken in every day between 9:00am and 6:00pm and photos of these animals become visible below within the hour of being processed so we recommend checking our site multiple times each day when looking for a lost pet. 


All stray animals are held for 5 days; following the 5 day period, animals are tracked for placement in our adoption program.  Some animals that come to our facility through an animal control entity may be on a different type of hold than stray hold and will not be visible below so we always recommend coming to the shelter if you are looking for a lost pet. 


Reclaim Fees

Tagged Fee (animal comes into the shelter with a tag or microchip with current contact information) = $35

Untagged Fee (animal comes into the shelter with no tags/microchip or out of date contact information) = $50

Cost of Care = $25/night


When looking at photos below, please scroll within the window within the webpage to see all animals.

If we do not have your missing pet,

there's more you can do to find them!


  • Don't lose hope!

  • If your animal is microchipped, contact your microchip company to report your animal missing and update your contact information.

  • Post photos of your pet on social media (Facebook, Pawboost, NextDoor, Craigslist, etc.)

  • Post fliers in your area (our lost and found board, local convenience stores, veterinary clinics, post offices).

  • Post an ad in the Greeley Tribune: Lost & Found ads are free for one week. 

  •  Check with your local law enforcement to verify where a found pet is taken in your area. 

  •  Check with other shelters along the Front Range:

    • Larimer Humane Society: (970) 226-3647

    • Longmont Humane Society: (303) 772-1232

    • Riverdale Animal Shelter: (720) 523-7387

If you’ve found a pet...

Please bring the animal to the shelter during our open hours.  We do not transport animals so if you are unable to bring the stray animal to us, please contact animal control or the police in your area.  


All animals must be leashed or in carriers to come into the shelter.  If you do not have a leash or carrier for the stray animal, please come into the shelter prior to bringing the animal in and we will provide one or will assist you in bringing the animal inside. 


If you would like to house a stray animal you’ve found on your own, please call or come into the shelter to complete a Found Report and be prepared to provide a photo of the found animal.  We recommend that you bring the found animal to the shelter, or a veterinary clinic, so the animal can be scanned for a microchip.  We also recommend posting the found animal on social media and posting flyers in the area where the animal was found.

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