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Reese - From Shy to Safe

Reese joined us at the end of September. She was surrendered by her owner who could no longer care for her. Immediately, our staff fell in love.

Reese, the 3 year old Anatolian Shepherd, had no idea what was happening. She was very cautious initially. Reese was overwhelmed by all the noises and the hustle of the shelter.

Our staff took extra time to make Reese comfortable while she waited for both behavior and medical evaluation. Reese stopped eating and drinking. Our staff sat with her and gave her all the wet food to motivate her. Despite our best efforts, Reese began to shut down.

Our behavior team went into action and worked with Reese to help her gain confidence and trust human touch again.

We placed her in a foster home, a temporary home to give Reese a break from the shelter. Then we received a call -- Reese was fitting in well and the foster family wanted to keep her. "We fostered Reese for one week...," said her new mom, "and then, we couldn't live without her and she's part of our Family Furever."

While sometimes people call this a "foster fail", we call this a foster WIN. Reese found herself again outside of the shelter. With tons of patience and love, Reese started to remember how to be a dog again.

She now lives happily with her dog sibling.


Want to learn more about the foster program? Visit here. To view the animals currently in need of foster, view our Trello board here.

Please consider donating to help the animals like Reese find their second chance. We are funded by community support and need support from people like you!

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