Volunteer Opportunities

Thank you for your interest in our Volunteer Program!

The Humane Society of Weld County offers a wide variety of opportunities that are designed to be rewarding, productive and fun!




As a non-profit organization our volunteers are vital to the success of our daily operations. We depend on your generous donation of time and talent to provide quality care for our animals.


Please note that court-mandated community service cannot be fulfilled through our volunteer department. Please call our front desk for more information on court-mandated community service. 970.506.9550.

Join our volunteer team!

1. Complete Volunteer Application

2. Complete Required Paperwork

           - Essential Capabilities Form
           - Volunteer Release Form
           - Background Check Authorization Form (if 18+ years old)


3. Volunteer Contribution 

           - $25 for Adults; $10 for Youth
           - Covers the cost of: Volunteer T-Shirt, Background Check, and

             Program Administrative Costs

Questions?  Email Bria Pritchard, Community Engagement Coordinator, at Bpritchard@weldcountyhumane.org or call 970.506.9550 ex. 29


Group Volunteering

  • Q: Can we arrange a day to volunteer with our group?

    • A: Unfortunately, due to the amount of time needed to process and train new volunteers, one-time/ short-term volunteer opportunities are not available at HSWC.

  • Q: Can we arrange an on-going project/partnership for our group to volunteer at HSWC?

    • A: Yes! However please keep in mind a few points:

      • Any applicant under the age of 18 will need an adult supervisor in (or joining) the HSWC program, with a maximum of 2 minors per 1 adult,

      • All applicants will need to submit the Required Paperwork (found above) and the Volunteer Contribution (see FAQ on this above for more information),

      • Additional members (adults or minors) can join the program and group on a “rolling” basis, so long as they are able to meet the two points above.

Youth Volunteering

  • Q: Can I apply to volunteer with my child?

    • A: Any child 10 years or older is welcome to join the HSWC Volunteer Program, but any applicant under the age of 18 will need an adult supervisor in (or joining) the program. This adult is not provided by HSWC.